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Author Topic: Article: The Septuagint and Biblical Theology  (Read 693 times)


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Article: The Septuagint and Biblical Theology
« on: September 03, 2017, 08:31:37 PM »

This is the link to an article in Themelios titled "The Septuagint and Biblical Theology" by W. Edward Glenny:

The article focuses on the historical role and importance of the Septuagint in the development of Christian Theology. This is an excerpt:

"Textual scholars are convinced that although the LXX is primarily a translation and, in some of its forms, a revision of the original Greek text, in some of the instances where the LXX disagrees with the MT it preserves an earlier form of the Hebrew than the MT [Masoretic Text]. This is especially the case where details reflected in the text of the LXX that differ from the MT are also attested in manuscripts from Qumran or the Samaritan Pentateuch." - p.276

That reminds me of some of Manachem Cohen's comments in this article:

"The Dead Sea scrolls decided these issues, by showing that there was indeed a Hebrew text-type on which the Septuagint-translation was based and which differed substantially from the received MT. These findings also confirmed that most of the textual phenomena in the Samaritan version (aside from ideological changes) were part of a Hebrew text-type in common use outside of the Samaritan community as well, during the Second Temple period in the Land of Israel."

"The Hebrew vorlage of the Septuagint text-type was undoubtedly used by the Jews of Alexandria in the late centuries BCE, as this was the version chosen for the Greek translation."


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